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When to Exchange Contracts on New Build

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In the following, we have answered our most frequently asked questions about the promotion of new construction. If you do not find the information you need, please contact us and one of our mediation experts will contact you as soon as possible. The process is slightly different from buying a used home because you don`t have to wait for the seller to find another home to buy. Once you`ve decided on a property, you usually pay a reservation deposit to the developer. This secures the property for a period of time to give you time to arrange mortgage financing (if necessary) and for your intermediary to do the required legal work before the “exchange of contracts” (i.e. when the agreement becomes legally binding). Developers cannot be expected to book a property indefinitely, so you risk losing the booking deposit if contracts are not exchanged during the booking period. The contract will indicate the date on which the property belongs to you: it can be a fixed date or, if the property is not yet ready, if you receive a period of several days. While some may go faster, others may take longer to complete the contract exchange.

Nevertheless, you can use our 8-12 week tips as a guide for work. The contract exchange process is handled by your lawyer or a licensed intermediary. There`s not much you can do other than sue your lawyer to make sure everything moves forward. If there is great interest from many people who want to buy, this method can give the buyer an advantage when it comes to securing the home. It also excludes the possibility of gazumping. If you buy your property “off plan”, you will not receive a fixed completion date when exchanging contracts. Completion will take place “after notice”. This means that once your property is structurally completed, notice will be given by the developer`s lawyers. This notification confirms that the completion will take place within the agreed period specified in the contract. This is usually ten business days. This is the case if a mortgage advance is requested and the conclusion must be made within this period.

You`ve probably heard the term “replacement and completion” when it comes to exchanging contracts. We have already looked at what it means to exchange contracts. So what does it mean to complete it? Here`s our guide to the process: once all of this has been agreed, your lawyer will call you so you can sign the contract. The other party will also sign and the contracts can then be exchanged. From that moment on, both parties are legally obliged to proceed with the transaction and the new owner of the property will also be added to the land register. Often, competition for certain plots of land means that buyers exchange contracts (i.e. enter into a legally binding agreement to buy the house) well before the developer can specify a specific date by which the building will be completed. You should only trade if you have done all of the following: As a buyer, when exchanging contracts, you usually pay a deposit of 10% of the purchase price to the seller. Sometimes this can be reduced to 5%. There are a number of things that your finance team needs to look at and do when buying a home. This research involves carrying out an inspection with the local authority, the water authority and other bodies. Completion – this is either a fixed date or a notification (approximately 5-10 days after the end of construction).

Jodie and Charlotte both have experience buying new properties. If you buy a new property, you may end up buying “off-plan.” Buying a home this way means you`re buying a property that hasn`t been built yet. While this sounds pretty risky, there are benefits to buying “off-plan.” You may find that you can get one of the best plots available in advance, have a say in the completion and specifications of your home, and possibly get incentives to buy. Since there will likely be a lot of time between the exchange and closing, your mortgage offer may need to be extended or even resubmitted. That`s why you need to ask your bank or mortgage broker to make sure your mortgage offer can be extended. .