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Why Would You Ask the Defense Contract Management Agency for Assistance

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(iv) Provides that the failure of the Government and the Contractor to agree to the price adjustment constitutes a dispute under the dispute clause. (S-74) Approve or reject the Contractor`s enterprise systems as specified in clause 252.242-7005, Contractor`s Enterprise Systems. The Defense Contract Management Agency is responsible for contract management for the Department of Defense, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and several other federal, state, foreign, and international governments and agencies. The goal is to ensure that contracts are executed on time and at the right cost. (1) In accordance with the Agency`s procedures, identify one or more covered contracts containing clause 252.242-7005, Contractor Business Systems, whose payments will be withheld. When identifying registered contracts whose payments are to be withheld, the contract agent shall ensure that the total amount of the payment withheld under 252.242-7005 does not exceed 10 % of the progress payments, execution-related payments and interim payments for reimbursement, hours and hours of work and physical contracts invoiced under each of the covered contracts identified. Similarly, the contract agent must ensure that the total amount of withholding under clause 252.242-7005, Contractor`s Business Systems, for each business system, does not exceed five per cent of the progress payments, performance-based payments and interim reimbursement payments, hours of work, and time and equipment contracts invoiced under each of the identified covered contracts. It is at the Customer`s sole discretion to identify the covered contracts whose payments are to be withheld. 242.7301 General. (a) The Contract Administrative Officer (ACO) is responsible for determining the eligibility of insurance/pension costs in public procurement and determining the need for a review of contractual/insurance pensions (ICRP). Insurance and annuity specialists from the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) and auditors from the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) assist COAs in making these decisions, conductING FIR as required, and conducting other routine audits authorized under FAR 42.705 and 52.215-2.

An ICRP is a joint dcma/DCAA review that: – (1) provides an in-depth assessment of a contractor`s insurance programs; (ii) pension plans; (iii) other deferred compensation plans; and (iv) related policies, procedures, practices and costs; or (2) Focuses on specific areas of the contractor`s insurance programs, pension plans or other deferred compensation plans. (b) DCMA is the Executive Agent of the DoD for the execution of all FIRs. (c) The DCAA is the Agency of the DoD designated to carry out the contract verification responsibilities related to the management of cost accounting standards as described in paragraphs 30.2 and 30.6 of the FAR, with respect to insurance programs, pension plans and other deferred compensation plans of a contractor. Requirements of section 242.7302. (a) (1) An IPRC entering under paragraph 242.7301(a)(1) of the DFARS may be performed only if: (i) a contractor has made eligible sales of $50 million to the government in the contractor`s preceding fiscal year; and (ii) the COA, with the advice of DCMA insurance and annuity specialists and DCAA auditors, determines that an ICRP is required based on a risk assessment of the contractor`s past experience and current vulnerability. (2) Eligible sales are sales that required certified cost or price data as defined in 10 U.S.C. 2306a, as implemented in FAR 15.403, or that are contracts valued at a price other than a fixed price or a fixed price with an economic price adjustment basis. Turnover includes main contracts, subcontracts and amendments to these contracts and subcontracts. (b) A specific ICRP that focuses on specific areas of a contractor`s insurance programs, pension plans or other deferred compensation plans will be performed for a contractor (including, but not limited to, a contractor that meets the requirements of paragraph (a) of this article) if one of the following circumstances exists, but only if the circumstances have a material impact on the government`s contractual costs.

(1) The information or data indicates a defect in the contractor`s insurance or pension program. 2. The Contractor shall propose or implement amendments to its insurance, pension or deferred compensation schemes. (3) The contractor is involved in a merger, acquisition or sale. (4) The Government shall monitor the implementation of previous recommendations of the ICRP by contractors. c) The DCAA auditor uses the relevant findings and recommendations of previous IRPUs to determine the scope of any audit of insurance and pension costs. (d) If a government agency believes that a review of the contractor`s insurance and pension program should be conducted, that agency should submit a recommendation to the COA for review. If the COA agrees, the review should be conducted as part of a special ICRP initiated by the COA or as part of an ICRP already planned in the near future. 242.7303 responsibilities. Follow the procedures in PGI 242.7303 when performing an ICRP. (S-72) Ensure the Contractor`s implementation of Synchronized Pre-Deployment and Operations Tracking (SPOT) and monitor contractor`s compliance with the SPOT business rules available on site at ERP 207.105(b)(20)(C)(9) for contracts with clause 252.225-7040, Contractors Supporting U.S.

Armed Forces Stationed Outside the United States. See PGI 242.302(a)(S-72) for guidance on the contractor`s assessment of spot implementation. (2) Ensure that the cost of materials purchased and manufactured invoiced or contracted is based on valid time requirements; and (iii) provide that the procuring entity shall unilaterally adjust the contract price if the contractor does not submit the supplementary proposal; and 242.7200 scope of the paragraph. (a) This subsection contains guidelines, procedures and standards for the evaluation of a contractor`s materials management and accounting system (MMAS). .